Yianni Stamas introduces digicomarts site

Just in time for the build to the Harvest Festival NYC and its key event – the Platinum PIAs Awards – Yianni Stamas introduces the digicomarts site.  It is a collaboration he is doing with Teen Central librarian of the New York Public Library, Rodger Taylor. DigiComArts is described as a site where Digital Communication Arts projects are archived. These projects are the outcome of the DigiComArts workshop series at the New York Public Library.

There are two kinds of DigiComArts workshops, each approaching Digital Communication Arts in a slightly different way. The first kind of DigiComArts workshop is intended for teens as a way to help them participate in public service activities for their college transcripts while also learning how to use media to promote themselves in the “real” world. The other workshop type is intended for individuals who want to make Digital Communication Arts his or her career. This workshop series focuses first and foremost on strategies of digital communication arts to achieve results with the public service aspect being the byproduct of workshop ventures.

Rodger Taylor and Yianni Stamas co-moderate the workshop series which includes appearances by special guests. Special guests have recently included Ross Ellis, founder of Stomp Out Bullying as well as Alina Bloomgarden, the founding producer of Jazz at Lincoln Center.

The digicomarts site provides a way to document projects that are the outcome of the workshops during the build to the Harvest Festival NYC’s Platinum PIAs Awards. Some of these projects are nominated for PIAs.

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Yianni Stamas of Harvest Festival NYC

Yianni Stamas of Harvest Festival NYC (from “Manhattan Kids Guide”) is a consultant and educator from Video Film Web Studios or VFW. VFW, established in 2001, are producers of over 80 community publications and projects including Lights Camera Read, Review Me NYC and the annual Platinum Pias Awards.

Yianni and his wife Alison, residents of Inwood Manhattan, saw a need for a community bridging of a gap between East and West of Broadway in Northern NYC. So they established the Harvest Festival NYC costume parade unifying their neighbors in a fun march that culminated at the local fire station.

Another big Harvest Festival NYC event is the annual awards show – the Platinum Pias. This is the Oscars of beauty, entertainment and community. In this year’s Pias, community issues will be explored with a bit of Beauty Meets Entertainment. The Pias this year will be sponsored by hair salon chain Dramatics NYC.

Harvest Festival NYC is one of four quarterly neighborhood festival programs including Winter Festival NYC, Springtime NYC and Summer Reading NYC.

For some of us, especially those with kids, an intrinsic part of October is Halloween, mostly because it’s an excuse to have fun and dress up in costumes.

Here is last year’s video >>

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